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Shepherd Guide, Issue #003 -- June 09
June 16, 2009


Welcome to another issue of the Shepherd Guide!

Thank you for subscribing. As always, in respect for your time, I will keep these monthly updates short and to the point.

June 2009

In this Issue:

  1. In the News - Your Dog Stories
  2. GSD Hero of the Month - Shepherd Mix Saves Neighbor
  3. Training - eCollar Training Hiatus
  4. Health Issue - Dog ACL Injury
  5. What's On Your Mind?

1. In The News

Everyone's dog has a habit or two that make them undeniably theirs. What makes your dog unique?

Share your dog stories here.

Read more stories about German Shepherds in the news.

2. GSD Hero of the Month

On a recent morning, Zoe, a 15-year-old German shepherd mix was in a frenzy trying to get outside. Her owner put her leash on and was subsequently dragged down the street to where a neighbor lay after having fallen from the roof.

Doctors said had they not shown up when they did, the neighbor may have become paralyzed. Zoe herself is a survivor. She was found as a puppy by the roadside in a cardboard box amongst her dead siblings.

Though, arthritic and recovering from two torn ACL's, Zoe proved what a true hero she is.

3. Training

Unfortunately, Schatzi's formal training had to be stopped as a result of her injury. The trainer was building her confidence by having her jump on tree stumps, logs, rocks, etc. It was working, and she enjoyed it. But, my vet said to limit her activity. No jumping, no running, no playing.

Yah right. How do I explain that to my 14 month old, full of energy dog? No more zoomies for you...

I'll let you know how it goes.

4. Health Issue

If you missed when I posted on Twitter... My vet thinks Schatzi's intermittent limp may be due to a partially torn ACL. I researched acl injury in dogs and discovered that some people have success in healing their dogs without surgery. Also, beware the dangerous surgery-du-jour... just say no to TPLO.

Learn more about Dog ACL Injury.

5. What's On Your Mind?

As a fellow German Shepherd lover, I want to hear what you may have questions or concerns about.

What would you like to read about in future issues? Reply to this email and let me know.

Until next month,

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