Canine Bloat


How To Prevent a Bloated Stomach

There are some things you can do to help prevent bloat in dogs. Some are diet related and there are others related to your dog's routine around eating.

Is There a Diet Preventing Dog Bloat?

Following are various tips that are "supposed" to help prevent canine bloat (those in bold denotes those that I employ):

Avoid highly stressful situations



  • Feed a high-protein (>30%) diet - raw meat is best
  • Choose high-quality dog food (whole, unprocessed foods are best)
  • For dry food, use one that includes rendered meat meal with bone product in the first four ingredients
  • Reduce carbohydrates as much as possible (common in most commercial dog biscuits)
  • Feed adequate amounts of fiber (if using commercial dog food, it should contain at least 3% crude fiber)


  • Provide dry food exclusively
  • Use dry food that contains fat as one of the first four ingredients
  • Feed dry foods with citric acid
  • Pre-moisten dry food


    Prozyme, 200 grams (200 g; Powder)
  • Add enzymes
    (Prozyme, Nzymes)

  • Promotes healthy digestion by supporting the absorption of nutrients. Prozymes contains four different highly concentrated and purified natural plant-derived enzymes (lipases, amylases, proteases, and cellulases).

    Healthy Select Enzymes & Probiotics Dog Supplement (Chewable; Tablets)

  • Use probiotics to promote "friendly"
    bacteria in the intestine.

    This beneficial bacteria will support digestive tract health, provide support for the immune system and also helps control regularity. Your dog will love the taste of these chicken flavored soft chews.

  • Include herbs that reduce gas (N.R. Special Blend)

  • Promote an acidic environment in the intestine (1-2 Tbs of Aloe Vera Gel or 1 Tbs of apple cider vinegar after each meal)
  • Keep a product with simethicone (Mylanta Gas, Phazyme, Gas-X) or the homeopathic remedy Nux moschata 30) available to treat gas symptoms


  • Include brewer's yeast, alfalfa, or soybean products



  • Make meals a peaceful and stress-free event
  • Feed 2 or 3 meals daily
  • When switching dog food, do it gradually (allow several weeks)


  • Exercise for one hour before and especially after eating
  • Allow vigorous exercise (don't allow your dog to roll over as it could cause the stomach to twist)
  • Use an elevated food bowl
  • Permit rapid eating



  • Provide fresh water at all times, except before and after meals


  • Give water one hour before or after a meal
  • Allow excessive, rapid drinking

Quality Food and Supplementation

Your Best Bet Against Canine Bloat

Almost Every Disease, Sickness or Ailment Can Be Traced To A Mineral Deficiency
~Dr. Linus Pauling – Nobel Prize, Chemistry 1954

Dog belly bloat is triggered by stress. This stress can come from:

  • poor quality diets
  • hormonal imbalance
  • over vaccinations
  • lack of pH balance in the gut (from antibiotic overuse and several other factors)

Dr. Kruger, a well known veterinarian, GSD breeder and judge has also come to this conclusion regarding canine bloat. Good nutrition plays an enormous role in the prevention of bloat in dogs and& and other diseases.

Problems that have been previously blamed on genetics are actually caused by eating hormone raised, inadequate, inferior, pesticide ridden, processed and synthetic "food" to our dogs.

Time will show a direct correlation between the lack of whole, fresh, raw food, probiotics, enzymes and microminerals in dog food, and health issues such as bloat, torsion, disease, short life span, and numerous degenerative diseases. 

Feeding a quality dog food may greatly diminish the chances of your dog bloating.



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