German Shepherd Dog Pedigree
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How does a dog pedigree differ from registration? And what kind of German Shepherd breed info is contained in registration papers?

A fullblooded GSD does not construe registration by a recognized dog registry agency, such as the AKC, or SV. The UKC (United Kennel Club) in Great Britain also registers purebred dogs. A dog can have their lineage recorded without registration, but a registered dog must have both.

A German Shepherd pedigree lists your dog's family tree and can be purchased with an AKC registration. With an SV registration, this comes standard. Experienced breeders use it as a history of breeding decisions throughout generations.

American Kennel Club and German Shepherd Dog Club (SV) Registration

Your German Shepherd may be registered withthe AKC, SV or UKC. An AKC registration is most common. But, if your dog is a German import, she may be registered with the German Shepherd Dog Club - Verein für Deutsche Schüferhunde.

No registration is a sign of quality. See AKC registered dogs. But, an SV registration at least shows that the parents have met certain criteria for breed standard, such as KKLI (Körklasse 1). This shows that the parents were recommended for breeding.

American Kennel Club Registration

AKC dog registration papers will show the following dog breed information:

  • Breed Type
  • Sex
  • Color of the dog
  • Date of birth
  • Breeder's name
  • Registered names of the dog's sire and dam (with their registration numbers)

The breeder should be able to provide an AKC litter registration number. And, you should also receive registration papers when you pick up your puppy. Be aware that some "breeders" will promise papers and never deliver.

Some German Shepherds will have limited registration, meaning they are registered, but their offspring will not be. Some breeders will do this as they do not think the dog should be bred. Or, they may use this as "insurance" if the new owners do not neuter the animal. A dog with limited registration may still compete in AKC competitions, except for Conformation.

SV Registration

Leave it to the Germans. They have rules for rules. Meine Eltern sind aus auch Deutschland (both of my parents were born and raised in Germany). What can I say... great cars, excellent beer and fantastic dogs. :)

SV registration is much more extensive than its AKC counterpart. It includes:

  • Color
  • Four generation pedigree (including breed survey information)
  • Hip certification
  • Litter mate information
  • Show ratings
  • Titles

SV Information Translation

An SV certificate contains much more German Shepherd info than AKC papers. If your German Shepherd is SV registered and the form appears Greek to you, here is a list of helpful translations.

  • "a" Zuerkannt - Hip certification
  • Anschrift - Address
  • Besondere kennzeichen - Special marks
  • Eltern - Parents
  • Farbe und abzeichen - Color and markings
  • Geschlecht - Sex
  • Geschweister - Littermates
  • Groß-Eltern - Grandparents
  • Haarart - Coat
  • Inzucht auf - Line breeding
  • KB - Breed survey report
  • Lebenszeit - (lifetime breed survey)
  • Mutter - Dam
  • Tatowier-Nr - Tattoo number
  • Urgroß-Eltern - Great grandparents
  • Vater - Sire
  • Wurffjahr - Birth year
  • Wurftag - Day and month of birth
  • Zuchter - Breeder

The Bottom Line

An SV registration includes much more data then its AKC counterpart. But, dog pedigree and registration papers are only important if you plan to show or breed your dog.

Registration and a dog pedigree doesn't mean that your German Shepherd will be better at being your companion, protector and best friend.

Yeah he's got papers. When he pees on the floor, I put down his papers.



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