Dog Warts - Canine Papilloma Virus


Certain viruses can cause dog warts.

These are small roundish skin growths normally found on the lips and muzzle. Canine viral papillomas normally affect younger dogs, under the age of 2 years.

What Causes Canine Warts?

A virus known as the Canine Papilloma Virus which creates abnormal growths on the skin. Dogs and humans can get papilloma, but they are different viruses and are not transmitted across species lines.

Symptoms of Canine Viral Papillomas

Warts appear on the muzzle, in or around the mouth or eyes. They have a cauliflower like appearance.

How are They Transmitted?

Transmission requires direct contact with the papillomas on an infected dog or with the virus in the dog's environment. The virus is not contagious to humans or other pets. It can be spread among dogs only.

Puppies and young dogs under 2 are most susceptible as they have less immature immune systems.

The incubation period is one to two months.

Treatment of Canine Viral Papillomas

Most cases simply disappear on their own. They will normally go away once the dog's immune system matures and creates an effective response to the virus.

Treatment is unnecessary except in severe cases. If a dog has so many growths in the mouth that eating becomes a problem, the tumors may have to be surgically removed or frozen off.

Interferon injections may also be recommended for dogs with severed infections. 

My puppy had a papilloma virus growth on her nose at the age of 6 months. My vet advised me to leave it alone and it disappeared in one week, never to return.



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