AKC Favorite Puppy Names


Favorite Puppy Names

According to the AKC, here are the top 20 Male and Female dog names. If you want a popular name, you can choose from these favorite puppy names.

The names below were the top puppy names in 2007. Although some of them could be considered a bit stale, it is interesting to watch naming trends over the years. And also watch the returning classic names that never seem to go out of style.

This is a good mix of names based on appearance, personality, and some human names as well. Though these are a few years old, you may still be able to find good German Shepherd names in this list.

Male (Boy Puppy Names) Female (Girl Puppy Names)
Bear Lady
Blue Belle/Bell/Bella
Max/Maximus/Maxwell Princess
Duke Mae/May
Buddy Rose
Jack Daisy
Prince Grace/Gracie
King Baby
Bailey Molly
Rocky Maggie
Harley Sadie
Jake Ann/Annie
Shadow Star
Lucky Lily/Lilly
Hunter Angel
Dakota Coco/Cocoa
Lou Sophie/Sophia
Midnight Lucy
Cooper Abby/Abigail
Buster Marie

These names represent the most popular puppy names for 2007, out of 157 breeds registered with the AKC.

If I come across an updated list, I will add it here. It will likely have several great German Shepherd names to choose from given the soaring popularity of the breed i recent years.



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