DIY Dog Training


Sharda Baker used trial and error to become a self taught trainer. Her DIY dog training methods have been tested with both dog owners and professional dog trainers, to ensure that her methods were sound.

DIY Dog Training

She found that in the majority of cases, dog training can be done at home and by yourself quickly and easily. There is normally no need to hire a professional.

This is such a complete manual, that it may be more information than you will ever need. It includes:

  • house training a dog tips and advantages of crate training (including training your dog to go "inside" for apartment or cold climate living) and litter box training where appropriate
  • quickly teach your dog to come, sit, stay, drop, stand and heel and walk your dog on a leash
  • dog psychology, how dogs learn, special voice tones to use, how dogs "speak" to each other and how to teach your dog to be calm around other dogs
  • how to buy a dog that suits you and your family, quickly determine a dog's temperament, safety for your young children and your dog and preparing your home for your new dog
  • manage a dog who has become a "fussy" or "finicky" eater and ramifications of leaving food and water out overnight
  • control your dog's barking and jumping while discovering how you may have encouraged it
  • teaching advanced commands
  • make training fun for your you and dog

Bonuses include a thorough potty training guide. As well as a barking busters manual, essential for German Shepherd training. There is also an informative interview with a Veterinary Surgeon. For those with fussy German Shepherds (like me), you also get an ebook on Managing Eating Problems and 101 Healthy Homemade Dog Recipes. Also included is a subscription to Sharda's Dog Health online forum.


  • Private email consultation
  • Download and play the audio files on your MP3 player or computer
  • in-depth section on puppy development stages and socialization
  • Cheaper than other dog training programs - only $27.95
  • Info on training a german shepherd puppy and adult dogs


  • Speaker's accent may be hard for some to understand
  • Some areas should have more in-depth information, instad of covering so many topics

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