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Below you will find courtesy listings for German Shepherd adoption.

This page was created after receiving many requests for a page that allows visitors to post their German Shepherd for adoption.

Before posting, please keep in mind the following.

There are unscrupulous individuals who may use your need to rehome your dog as an opportunity to make a buck or worse. Sad, but true. It's awful to have to write this, but forewarned is forearmed.

Do not ever post, "Free to good home." There are people out there who specifically seek these types of ads who do not have your dog's best interest at heart. They may be:

  • looking for dogs to use as bait in dog fighting
  • seeking "protection" dogs for rent to junkyards, construction sites or other businesses
  • hoarders
  • sold to puppy mills
  • used for laboratory research
  • sought for animal sacrifice and rituals

If someone is interested in your dog, screen, screen and screen. Ask lots of questions and be aware that the pros will know what you want to hear. If you get a bad gut feeling, pay attention to it.

Question anyone that is unable to provide a real name, address and phone number, or if they cannot show you an acceptable home where the dog will live.

If they claim to be from a rescue group, research it. And know that dog rescues are busting at the seams right now. They have more dogs than they can handle and do not actively search for dogs.

Handing your dog over to an unknown might be the end of your troubles, but just the beginning of trouble for your dog.
~Southwest GSD Rescue

So, enough of the icky stuff. Just use common sense if you must rehome your German Shepherd.

Dogs to Adopt

Listings can be found below the German Shepherd Adoption invitation. I will do my best to keep this page updated with dogs that are no longer available.

If you find any errors, please let me know.

Need to rehome your German Shepherd?

Please tell us about your dog.

Be sure to enter the following information:

Spayed or Neutered?
Good with other dogs?
Good with children?
Good with cats?
Your city:
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Other GSDs Needing Homes

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