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According to a list of good puppy names compiled by Petfinder, Buddy and Max maintained their spots for the third consecutive year.

In 2009, Bella made the list for the first time - possibly due to the popularity of the Twilight books and movies. But, any of them could be fitting dog names for German Shepherds.

Next to the top names, you will also see the favorite unusual names. If you're bold, you might try one on for size.

Did your favorite four legged friend make the list?



Popular Puppy Names Different Puppy Names
Buddy Shyanne Thailand Moo Goo Guy Pan
Max Mr. Tomfoolery Scardeycat Eliot
Daisy Rusty Buckets
Lucy KeelHaul
Charlie Too Fancy for You
Bella Angry Donut
Molly Maple Syrup
Jack Hoseclamp
Sadie Prince Xavier Binxley
Lady Hoku-ho'okele-wa'a
Popular Puppy Names Different Puppy Names
Buddy Woe Izmee
Max Gwyneth Poultry (a duck)
Daisy SoSueMe
Jack 54cent Swee'T
Lucy Iamaredneckwoman
Molly Angry Chef Soup
Charlie Ms. Cornflake Especially
Sadie Bon Jo Flea
Jake McLovin
Lucky Joe the Plumber
Popular Dog Names Different Puppy Names
Buddy Not Pants
Max Zhivago
Sadie Fat Alice
Jack Barney Google
Daisy Cinderella Cookiedough
Lucy Ditto Dippin’ Dots
Lady Fizzleboom
Charlie Miss booty-q
Rocky Bubba Big Foot
Duke Partly Cloudy

These names were compiled by Petfinder from the hundreds of thousands of dogs listed on the site each year.



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