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Favorite Puppy Names

Looking for great names for your new best friend? Whether you prefer traditional German dog names or unique German Shepherd names, you can get some great ideas below.

If you don't see any names that "click" right away, pick a favorite and try it out. Make sure you eventually pick a name that you can live with for 10-15 years.

Years ago, when I got my first GSD puppy, I was looking for unique German Shepherd dog names. I ended up with "Schatzi."

Schatzi's registered name is Schatten-Jäger ("Shadow Hunter"), but was very quickly shortened to Schatzi. Schatzi is a term of endearment and literally means "little treasure" or "darling" so it works well as an informal nickname.

German Dog Names

You can give your German Shepherd a great name that will reflect her heritage. No promises on whether or not she will listen better, but take a look and see if any fit your GSD. Find German dog names.

Favorite Puppy Names

It's fun to see how the most popular names change year by year. Find lists of the Top 20 favorite puppy names from the AKC.

Good Puppy Names

Every year Petfinder takes a survey of the dogs and cats listed on their site. See the top names from a selection of hundreds of thousands pet names. There are lots of good puppy names.

Dogs' lives are too short. Their only fault, really.
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