Old Mother Hubbard Dog Treats


Human Grade Dog Treats

Old Mother Hubbard Dog Treats Bac'n Cheez

Old Mother Hubbard dog treats are baked using natural ingredients. These natural dog treats are free of artificial colors, flavors and preservatives, bone meal, and by-products. No salt, soy or sugar is added.

Old Mother Hubbard traces its roots back to 1926 in Glocester, MA. A. Hubbard & Sons bakery made hard tack sea biscuits. A local sailor threw one to his dog who promptly gobbled it up. Dog biscuits were born.

Old Mother Hubbard Dog Treats

Come in a variety of sizes and flavors. Perfect for training or a tasty snack.

Extra Tasty Biscuits:

  • Bac 'N' Cheez
  • Chick 'N' Chedda
  • Liv 'R' Crunch
  • P-Nuttier
Gourmet Dog Treats
  • Assorted Bitz
  • Chicken Bitz
  • Chicken Meaties
  • Lamb Meaties
  • Liver Meaties
  • P-Nutty Assorted
  • P-Nutty With Apples
  • P-Nutty Assorted
Jumbo Bones
  • Bac 'N' Cheez
  • Faithful Friends
  • P-Nuttier
Old Fashioned Biscuits
  • Regular Flavor
  • Assorted
Special Recipe Biscuits
  • Char-Tar (for fresh breath, easier passing of gas and to settle upset stomachs)
  • Couch Potato
  • Just Vegg'n
  • Gimme a Kiss
  • Puppy

You Are What You Eat

A simple philosophy for the owner of Wellness Natural Food & Treats for Pets. A team of animal nutrition experts formulates the healthy dog treats with recipes using 100% whole foods and human grade ingredients.

All natural dog treat biscuits are made using wheat flour. This provides  better texture, high digestibility, and a crunchier biscuit. The dense biscuits are great for keeping teeth clean.

No Worries with Old Mother Hubbard

Old Mother Hubbard Dog Treats Assorted

German Shepherds are notorious for having sensitive stomachs. Whenever I take her to the Pet Food store, there is always someone who wants to give my girl a treat.

Since it's usually a milk bone, I always tell them no thanks and explain her situation. Last time I was turning down treats, the gentleman that offered held out a bag of Old Mother Hubbard biscuits. I told him that she was defiitely allowed to have as many as he wanted to give her.


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