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Studies show that certain types of dog food cause illness. Unless you are providing natural pet food, you are likely to have a sick dog on your hands.

Do not feed your dog commercial dog food. Yes, it is cheaper. But, dogs fed a commercial diet may be susceptible to any of the following:

Almost Every Disease, Sickness or Ailment Can Be Traced To A Mineral Deficiency
~Dr. Linus Pauling, Nobel Prize, Chemistry 1954

Choosing Dog Food

The best thing you can feed to your dog would be a raw food diet. This is what your dog would eat in nature, but it does take time to prepare a raw dog food recipe. But, there are quality pet foods that will provide holistic dog nutrition.

A holistic vet can recommend appropriate pet food. Many vets, unfortunately, are not well versed in dog nutrition. The required nutrition classes tend to be very general and may not provide the ability to balance an unbalanced diet.

Unfortunately, some vets may also utilize nutritional information provided by sales representatives from dog food companies. These sales tactics may not take your dog's health into consideration.

Quality Pet Food Company

Brands that I have used and highly recommend, due to their human grade ingredients are:

Blue Buffalo Dog Food
Created with the help of nutritional consultants, Blue Buffalo dog food always contains more real meat than any other ingredient.

Wysong Dog Food
Since 1979, Wysong has been called, "The Thinking Person's Pet Food." Instead of focusing solely on profit, their products are created primarily to promote dog health.

Wellness Pet Food
Old Mother Hubbard, creator of the Wellness line was founded in 1926. The Wellness motivation and guarantee are hard to beat. They also offer tasty and healthy Old Mother Hubbard dog treats.

None of the above were implicated in the recent pet food recall. The poor quality ingredients contained in most dog food will virtually guarantee future recalls.

Natural pet food does cost a little more than commercially prepared pet food. But, you will save a lot more at the vet.

Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food.

Natural, Organic & Holistic Pet Foods!

For a list of the best dog food formuals, read Top 10 Dog Foods.



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The information and products recommended by german-shepherd-lore.com are not intended to take the place of expert veterinarian care. Please consult with your vet and ask about using a natural and alternative approach for the healthcare and treatment of your pet. Find a holistic vet.

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