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Dove Cresswell's online dog training video series is a quick way to learn how to train your German Shepherd.

As a Hollywood dog trainer, Dove Cresswell works with dogs in feature films, television and commercials. Since time is money in this industry, she must show results fast.

You can quickly teach your dog the following in 7 no-fluff lessons:

  • Puppy House Training and Potty Training
  • Crate Training
  • Dog Obedience Training
  • Walking Politely on a Leash
  • The Recall
  • Good Puppy & Dog Manners
  • Special Dog Tricks

Online Dog Training VideoPuppy house training offers tips for both toy breeds and larger breeds. So, it can help you in training a German Shepherd puppy or adult GSD. 

All lessons are in video format which allows you to not only hear her tone of voice, but see the proper dog training postures. This is what makes it so quick and effective. And illustrated slides detail the do's and dont's of dog training.

She understands that every dog and owner are different, a couple of different options are shown for the lessons. Since GSDs are so intelligent, but can be stubborn, this direction is helpful in German Shepherd training.

Her ideas on paper training puppies may be seen as controversial by those who advocate the approach. It can be confusing to some dogs but she shows a common sense approach to teach puppies to potty outside only.

You also get the following free bonuses and can email Dove with specific dog behavior problems.

  • Teach your dog to fetch
  • Train your dog to play soccer
  • Train your dog to play hide ‘n seek
  • Information on dog sports
  • Choosing the right toys for your dog
  • Earning your dog’s respect
  • Choosing the right dog food and treats

You can even watch a lesson on free dog training online.

While there are only 7 lessons, this course is jam packed with house training and dog obedience advice. 


This program is great for visual learners since there isno eBook to read. Instead, you watch entertaining videos or listen to the bonus audio lessons. A fun video on teaching dog tricks is included. The lessons are quick and get to the point fast. And you can view a sample lesson of dog training tips online free before you buy the course.


The program must be viewed on the Internet, so no downloading to your MP3 player. Though only 7 lessons are included, there is a lot of information provided.


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