Training German Shepherds


Why is it Important?

German Shepherds are very intelligent, but can be stubborn. Training German Shepherds is imperative. Without training and socialization, your GSD may be seen as a liability.

Early Socialization

Socialization is extremely important. An unsocialized German Shepherd can be dangerous. Make sure to expose your GSD to a variety of different people, dogs, other animals, and places.

GSD training should consist of continually exposing your dog to a variety of environments and experiences.

Introduce your GSD to friendly people so they can distinguish normal behavior versus erratic behavior. Careful socialization will prevent your dog from being suspicious of everyone. This can lead to dangerous guarding and fear biting.

Teach your German Shepherd manners and social skills early on. Training German Shepherds should continue on an ongoing basis.

Nature vs. Nurture

A highly intelligent dog, the German Shepherd is very protective and has a strong herding nature. This needs to be channeled properly. A GSD will be strongly dedicated to you and your family. But, without training and socialization, you may inadvertenly nurture the following traits:

  • dangerous guarding
  • fear biting
  • inappropriate herding traits
  • uncontrollable prey drive

A socialized and well mannered German Shepherd should be reserved towards strangers. They should not be aggressive.

If your German Shepherd shows aggression, excessive shyness or is extremely skittish, have her evaluated by a professional trainer immediately.

Training German Shepherd Dogs

German Shepherd dog training must be done with a firm, but gentle hand. Use positive reinforcement to reward behavior that you would like for your dog to repeat.

Dogs hate to be ignored. Withdraw attention from your dog when she does something that displeases you. She will soon learn to repeat actions that give her positive attention and stop doing things that only get her ignored.

German Shepherd Training Tips

Dog training treats are good for positive reinforcement. You can also use verbal praise or provide a nice scratch on the head.

Do not ever hit your dog. You will only teach her to fear you. Show proper leadership and you will command respect.

An Amazing Breed

Stories abound of German Shepherds' heroic lifesaving work and dedication to mankind. But, this will require a lot of time and energy on your part to nurture these incredible traits.

In training a German Shepherd, start with puppy obedience training and treat your GSD with love and commitment. You will have the friend of a lifetime.

Otherwise, the talent and dedication of your dog will simply be wasted.


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