Dog Grooming Bathing for the German Shepherd


Dog grooming bathing is important for the GSD. They shed... A LOT.

The German Shedder

Unlike some other dog breeds, GSDs don't have their tails or ears docked. An occasional bath and regular brushing will keep your German Shepherd looking snazzy. But, their hair does need some special attention.

They have what is called a "double-coat." This consists of an undercoat with longer, coarser hair on the outside. The outer hair sheds all year long, but the undercoat is "blown" about twice a year.

Since the undercoat is somewhat woolly, regular brushing will ensure that it does not clump and mat. Matted hair prevents the skin underneath from breathing.

This can cause bald spots, hot spots, rashes and other skin problems. Dog grooming bathing is important for the GSD. Regular grooming can help prevent sebaceous cysts, aka a dog lump.

German Shepherds "Blow" Their Coats?

You will know when your GSD blows her coat. During this time, the vacuum will fast become your best friend.

See, what ha-happens is basically a seasonal "molting" of dead coat hairs. Since it occurs within a short period of time, it may initially appear that your dog is going bald.

Don't freak out when you see clumps of hair coming out over the course of a few days or weeks.

It may be enough fur to make another dog... or two. Check out the best vacuum for pet hair to get you through this period.

Dog Grooming Bathing Beauty

Bathe your GSD no more than twice a year. Otherwise, you may dry out her skin.

dog-grooming-bathing Avoid the chemical-laden Fifi dog shampoos. Their pH is different from ours, so look for a natural dog shampoo.

Anybody who doesn't know what soap tastes like never washed a dog.
~Franklin P. Jones

An oatmeal based shampoo is a good choice to prevent her skin from drying out. And a much healthier alternative from a commercial dog shampoo.

Diet Matters

Make sure your German Shepherd eats a healthy diet. A quality dog food will be reflected in a beautiful, shiny coat.

Dog Grooming Tools

Some basic tools you can use to keep your German Shepherd well groomed are:

Not all of these tools are necessary. *And some should not be used by dog grooming novices.

Shedding blades or rakes should be used with particular care. Make sure you are properly trained on its use before brushing your German Shepherd's coat with this tool.

Discount Dog Grooming Supplies

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Dog Grooming Instructions

Use a slicker brush to remove loose hair. The rubber curry brush will make the entire coat shiny. You can also use a chamois to increase the shine.

Dog grooming tips include always making sure that you use gentle pressure and much care when dog grooming. Otherwise, your German Shepherd will hide when you break out the brushes.

This is a great time to do some bonding with your best friend. It should be enjoyable for both of you. Make sure you have the right dog grooming equipment for the job.



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