Dog Urine Cleaning Products


What are the Best Dog Urine Cleaning Products?

Removing dog urine odors can be a challenge. I have used several dog urine cleaning products over the years. And have found one that continues to work for me faithfully.

I've had cats all of my life. And cat urine has got to be one of the most difficult odors to remove. I have tried everything from Nature's Miracle to Dumb Cat (never liked that name) with little success. Only one of them has stood the test of time.

Dog Urine Cleaning Products

There is a simply ready-made solution specifically designed to be a dog urine eliminator.

It works so well, I keep a supply on hand and refuse to use any other product.

It completely rids carpets, rugs and furniture of pungent cat urine, so dog urine smell is absolutely no match. It also has a very pleasant smell. Anti-Icky Poo is a powerful product with a silly name which can easily remove dog urine in carpet.

Dog Urine Cleaning Products

Anti Icky Poo! Starter Kit

Dog Urine Spots

Dog Urine Cleaning Products Black Light

You can check for old spots of dog urine in carpet using a black light. This is best used in the evening when you can turn off all other light sources to search darkened rooms. It can also show you how well your cleaning products have worked.

Spray anything that looks like a urine spot with the Anti-Icky Poo, or your cleaner of choice. Then, check it again later. This is a good test to show you what is working, as it will show you if any odor causing bacteria remain.

Simple Solution Spot Spotter Ultraviolet Urine Detector

Remove Dog Urine Smell

Get yourself a stink finder and Anti-Icky Poo. These two products are all you really need to rid your home of dog urine spots and keep it smelling fresh.

You can make your own homemade dog urine eliminator, using common household products. Urine is a base. Vinegar is an acid. Simple chemistry tells us that mixing the two will neutralize one another. Once the odor is removed, you will need to clean the area with a household cleaner.

I still prefer the one step Anti Icky Poo which immediately removes odors leaving a fresh, pleasant scent. It also prevents your pet from remarking in the same area.

Regardless of which route you choose, you should have a formula on hand, especially during puppy potty training, when accidents are bound to happen.

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