Puppy House Training

for Your German Shepherd Puppy


Housebreaking Puppy

Puppy house training begins as soon as you get home with your new German Shepherd puppy. House breaking is a very important part of puppy training.

Dogs are den animals. That is why when you crate train a dog, it helps immensely with potty training. They see their crate as their den and do not want to soil it. Teach your German Shepherd to see your entire house as her den, and she will never soil in it again.

X Marks The Spot

Carefully pick a spot outside for housebreaking your puppy. This will be the same place you take her to every time she has to go.

It may take your puppy some time to realize what that magic spot is for. Puppies are very easily distracted, so save play time for after she has done her thing.

Good Potty

As soon as your puppy has relieved herself, praise her with the phrase you have chosen for this task. "Go Potty" or if you prefer German, "gassi gehen" also works well. Just be consistent and say it quickly and excitedly!

Keep Your Eye on Your GSD

Like a child, your German Shepherd puppy should never be left unattended. At least until after she is fully housebroken. Puppy house training can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. If you must leave her, put her in her crate or gate her in an area where the floor is easy to clean (like the kitchen).

An unattended puppy will relieve herself wherever it is convenient. It is important for you to go outside with her. Don't let her into the backyard and wonder why she comes back in only to pee in the house. Keep taking her to the proper place to potty and she will put 2 and 2 together.

Go to the Spot

Your puppy should always be taken outside:
  • upon waking up (in the morning and after each nap)
  • following every meal
  • before going to bed

Consistency and Patience are Key

Do not get frustrated with puppy house training. But do establish a strict housebreaking schedule. Puppies learn through repetition.

Determine the best time for meals, and stick to the plan. Your puppy will soon adapt to the new schedule you have set and will soon alert you when she has to go outside.


When your puppy has an accident in the house, do not scold her. And especially do not rub her nose in it. Take her out immediately to her spot. When you are sure she has finished, put her in her crate (or some other place where she cannot see you) and clean it up.

Puppy House TrainingA great product to use is an enzymatic cleaner with a silly name called, "Anti-Icky Poo." It even kills the smell of cat urine, so dog accidents are no match. From my experience, other enzymatic cleaners do not seem to do the trick.

Try the Anti Icky Poo! Starter Kit.

It is important to use a cleaner that obliterates the stain, but especially the smell. Otherwise, your dog will assume that is an appropriate place to go potty.

If you catch her in the act, do not tell her, "No." She will assume that going potty is a bad thing to do and may attempt to hide it from you. Simply scoop her up and bring her to her spot so she can finish.

Outdated puppy house training methods encouraged scolding and rubbing a dog's nose in their accidents. Please don't do this. The fact that she puts her head down and looks "guilty" is not a sign that she knows she did something wrong. She is merely responding to the stern tone of your voice. Dogs communicate mainly through dog body language.

I Saw The Sign

Recognize the signals that mean your puppy has to go potty:

  • circling
  • going to the door
  • sniffing out a spot
  • whining

Remember to take your puppy out religiously. And stay patient. Your German Shepherd will soon alert you when she has to go out.

Taking Too Long?

Puppy House Training

German Shepherd puppies normally learn pretty quickly. If you are being consistent and are quick to praise when she goes outside, she will get the hang of it.

Try not to become frustrated. Easier said than done? Remember she is still a baby. And how long did it take you to become toilet trained?

It may not occur overnight, but if you exercise patience and consistency, it will happen.

Shorten the learning curve with the ultimate puppy house training guide for German Shepherds.


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