Dyson DC25 Animal Cyclone Vacuum


Designed specifically for pet owners, the Dyson DC25 Animal Vacuum packs a powerful punch in an upright model especially created to pick up pet hair.

Dyson Animal Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson DC25 Animal VacuumThis is a Dyson ball model, which offers easy maneuverability. The wheel offers extra mobility so it steers easily using your wrist. I actually don't mind vacuuming now, since it takes such little effort to move around. Much different from my former 4-wheeled model. The ball houses the motor which supports it weight. It is so light, that I can move furniture (or anything else) with one hand and keep the other on the vacuum.

The Root Cyclone technology keeps the vacuum cleaner from losing suction over time and the HEPA filter is washable for a lifetime. Simply rinse and allow it to dry.

I have hardwood floors, so I love the fact that I can easily turn off the motorized brush bar with rotating bristles. When I vacuum my rugs, I turn it back on so it can remove any embedded dirt and pet hair. For carpets, just leave it turned on.

Dyson Pet Vacuum Cleaner

The Dyson DC25 comes with a mini turbine head which increases the cleaning power of the attachment. This easily removes pet hair and dirt from tight spaces such as upholstery, stairs, and the car. It quickly and easily attaches to the hose or the Quick-draw Telescope Reach wand.

Optional attachments include:

  • Car cleaning kit (with three wand tools)
  • Mattress tool (lightweight wide head)
  • Soft dusting brush (for fans, blinds, keyboards and televisions)
  • Stiff bristle brush (for dried in and heavy dirt)

The clear, 1/3 gallon collection barrel lets you know when to empty the waste. One thing I learned with this vacuum is how not to empty the filter. Make sure you are over a wastebasket before unsnapping the lever. I had to vacuum twice that first day when it went all over the floor.

Yeah, But Does it Suck?

I ran it by the bathroom, and stopped to pick up what I thought was a popsicle stick. I don't keep popsicles in the house. Then I realized it was a former Q-Tip. The Dyson DC25 had sucked the cotton right off of a Q-Tip!


  • Specifically designed to pick up embedded pet hair
  • Extremely light and maneuverable
  • Handles all types of floors from carpets to tile to hardwood
  • Quiet - won't make your GSD bark or howl
  • 5 year warranty


  • Filter needs 24 hours to dry
  • Telescope is awkward until you learn how to use it
  • Bin is a bit small, may need emptying more often

The Best Vacuum for Pet Hair

With its ball technology, this vacuum cleaner is light and easy to move, especially in tight spaces. Embedded pet hair is no match for this machine. The Dyson DC25 Animal Vacuum truly does suck.


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