Halo Dog Food


Halo dog food is a good choice for the optimal health of your German Shepherd. She will love the taste of Spot's Stew.

Halo pet food avoids:

  • artificial flavors, colors, preservatives
  • chicken meal
  • rendered meats

The number one ingredient in Halo dog food is real meat, poultry or fish. All of their meat and poultry comes from US farms and ranches. Essential fatty acids are added from wild salmon and salmon oil. Antioxidants from at least 9 fruits and vegetables are included. Spot's Stew contains 28% crude protein - most brands are 25% protein.

Halo's holistic approach stresses good nutrition as the foundation for health. They perform nutritional studies with input from experts. Halo believes good health is a matter of prevention as optimal nutrition can ward off both disease and degeneration.

Halo pet care products include more than natural pet food, you will also find grooming supplies, natural treats and pet supplements.

Halo Spot's Stew Dog Food

How did Halo's signature product come to be? Halo canned dog food actually started with a cat.

Spot was a healthy kitten that grew up to become a sickly cat. He had skin irritations and was shedding excessively. Spot experienced digestive issues and just plain smelled bad.

His owner, Andi Brown, switched him to a "premium" cat food. But, the problems continued and in fact, became worse. Andi read the labels and learned about the correlation between Spot's nutrition and his declining health. She finally threw out the food and cooked a homemade stew using all-natural chicken and fresh vegetables.

Spot's transformation was nothing short of amazing. His skin problems disappeared, and his coat became soft and beautiful. The digestive problems he had been plagued with vanished and he became an incredibly healthy cat.

What she had previously thought was premium pet food was full of corn, wheat, rice, byproducts, as well as potentially hazardous ingredients such as ethoxyquin or BHT and BHA.

Halo cat food was born. In 1986, Andi created Halo, Purely for Pets to help other pet owners deliver quality food to their four legged friends. Halo appeared to be a perfect name for a company "dedicated to doing great things for animals, the people who love them and our beautiful planet."

Ellen Degeneres Dog Food

How did Ellen Degeneres pet food come to be? Ellen had a dog that was allergic to everything, even his own fur, she says. She Looked everywhere and finally found Halo, Purely for Pets. She became a believer in their mission. In her desire to spread the word of good pet nutrition, she is now part owner.

She is such a fan, she recommends working the name into conversations. Instead of "Hello," try "Halo."

German Shepherd Dog Food

Your GSD will love holistic the taste of Halo Dog Food. And you will love paying less at the vet.

In the words of Andi Brown, "Great Health is 'Easy to Spot'."

Natural, Organic & Holistic Pet Foods!

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