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Top 10 Dog Foods

I have reviewed several dog food brands and listed the top 10 dog foods here.

Good nutrition is your best bet in preventing health problems. What is the best German Shepherd dog food?

The top rated dog food would have to be Wellness. Here is a list of dog food ratings for my favorite German Shepherd food:

Best Dog Foods Ranked - Top 10 Dog Foods

Rank of 10 Best Dog Food Companies:

  1. Wellness Dog Food
  2. Wellness pet foods are natural holistic dog food recipes. They are free of artificial chemical preservatives, additives and by-products. They focus on hypoallergenic dog food and are free of common allergens such as corn, wheat and soy. Wellness pet food uses vegetable fats only.
    Their formulas include:
    • Old Mother Hubbard Cupboard Creations
      One of my dog's favorite stews.
  3. Innova Dog Food
    No longer recommended since June 1, 2010 acquisition by Proctor & Gamble
  4. Made by Natura, Innova pet food incorporates elements from the five food groups - meat, dairy, vegetables, fruit and grain. Innova dog food formulas are human grade (no artificial ingredients, chemical additives, by-products or fillers). Additives include chelated minerals, vitamins, Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, and friendly flora - probiotics.

    Natura products include:
    • Evo Dog Food
      My favorite grain free dog food.
    • California Natural Dog Food
      California Natural pet food is a good hypoallergenic choice.

  5. Orijen Dog Food
    Mimics what your dog would eat in nature. The lower calorie ingredients acknowledge the fact that domesticated dogs are not as active as their wild cousins. Recognizing that dogs are carnivores, Orijen dog food formulas are high in protein. They are comprised of a biologically appropriate ratio of 70% meat and 30% vegetables - with no grains.

  6. Blue Buffalo Dog Food
    Blue Dog Food is comprised of natural, healthy and holistic foods for dogs. Their recipes contain real meat as the first ingredient. They also add wholesome whole grains, garden vegetables and healthy fruit.

  7. Wysong Dog Food
    A true pioneer of natural pet foods and holistic pet health care, Wysong pet food is a family company that puts principle over profit. Their in-house pet health doctorate professionals are dedicated to producing nutraceutically enhanced natural dog food. Their view is to create long term prevention of diseases that pets can often fall victim to.

  8. Merrick Dog Food
    A family-owned company that manufactures and tests their products on-site. They create human grade dog food that is free of antibiotics and hormones. You will not find artificial chemical preservatives, additives, or any by-products. They also add chelated minerals and vitamins, probiotics, and Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. While their line is not wholly organic, they do use organic chicken.

  9. Timber Wolf Dog Food
    Created as nature intended, Timber Wolf organic dog food is not only carnivore specific, but it contains herbs, seaweeds, seeds, multiple grains and unrefined oils. They also package their food in barrier bags to ensure freshness.

  10. Flint River Dog Food
    Flint River Ranch dog food contains only human-grade, natural ingredients. Their human grade formulas are slow baked under controlled conditions. This results in a palatable food that is easily digested. It also assimilates important vitamins and minerals often overlooked by many of the best commercial dog food producers.

  11. Eagle Pack Dog Food
    Early in 2009, Eagle Pack merged with Old Mother Hubbard, creating Wellpet LLC. Based on human food sourced meat meal formulas with whole grains and quality of life ingredients. Their grains are pesticide free and do not include antibiotics, hormones, artificial chemical preservatives, additives and by-products.

  12. Solid Gold Dog Food
    This allergy free dog food is made without corn, soy or wheat. They do not currently offer organic choices, but no animal or poultry fat is used.

    Their formulas include:
    • Wolf King Dog Food

Honorable mentions for best quality dog food go to:

Top 10 Dog Foods - Raw

Raw Food Diet for Dogs

  • Honest Kitchen Dog Food
  • Primal Raw Dog Food
  • Bravo Raw Dog Food

While the list of top 10 dog foods is topped by Wellness, there are a ton of other good dog foods out there. The best dog foods will go a long way in preventing common dog health problems.

Hopefully these dog food ratings as listed in the top 10 dog foods will help you make an informed decision when it comes to nutrition to your best friend.

Natural, Organic & Holistic Pet Foods!