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LostMyDoggie.com Has your dog gone missing?

My hope is that you will never have to find a lost dog. But, if you do, there is a dog lost and found service with a 75% success rate.

How to Find Lost Dogs

LostMyDoggie.com can assist you with finding your best friend. It's like an Amber Alert for lost dogs.

Depending on which level of service you need, they can quickly notify shelters, vets and your neighbors.

3 Options for Lost Dog Rescue

Dog Lost and Found Services:

  1. Level One
    LostMyDoggie will mail posters with a photo, description and details of your pet to:
    • Animal Control
    • Animal Hospitals
    • Animal Shelters
    • Pet Stores
    • Pet Businesses
    • Rescue Groups

    This will notify a lost dog registry database of pet and animal related businesses in the US.

  2. Level Two
    A personal message recorded by LostMyDoggie.com will be delivered to your neighbors. This will alert the people in your area with a description of your lost pet.

    Thousands of your neighbors can be reached quickly using a database containing over 210 million phone numbers. The information is over 90% accurate.

  3. Level Three
    This combines both amber alert packages and provides the highest success rate. Chances are someone out there has seen your pet.

    Getting the word out to as many people as you can increases the chances of a joyful reunion.

Does LostMyDoggie work?

Read some testimonials:

King - Dog Lost and Found!

Dog Lost and Found KingPet Owner: Steve or Rhonda G. (TN)
Pet Name: King
Date Lost: 04/14/2011
Date Found: 05/11/11

We found King through adamant searching.... we got a tip that King was seen at the burger king (the next street over from our house) about 3 weeks ago...... so we took a flyer there, I went online and checked petharbor.com last night, saw a picture of who I was sure was King and got up this morning and checked the pound again..... and it was indeed King... he has been through the Vet about to get a good bath..... and he is safe at home playing with Queen..... I just want to say that people can be so inconsiderate..... King was found on the other side of town from where we live.... so that tells me that someone got him and took him home, took off his collar, but King ran away from them..... a nice lady saw him walking around an apartment complex and took him to the Metro Shelter where he has been since April 20, 2011 and they said they were just about to put him up for adoption because no one had claimed him..... I am thankful that he was found and is now safely at home..... and for the person that tried to steal him.... I will pray for you…

Aida - Dog Lost and Found!

Dog Lost and Found AidaPet Owner: Aida S. (MI)
Pet Name: Asha
Date Lost: 02/23/2011
Date Found: 03/02/11

The LOVING CREW of LostMyDoggie.com SAVED MY DOG's LIFE !!! My dog went missing (under the care of a friend) for eight days. To make matters worse, my dog will NOT come to anyone except me. She is a WHITE German Shepherd who was lost in a location covered with snow everywhere; making it close to impossible to see her from a distance. The ENTIRE crew of LostMyDoggie.Com FEVERISHLY helped me for that entire time period, treating my dog's rescue as if she were their own. .. My dog was lost (and travelled at least 40 miles) in a county unfamiliar to me. It was devastating. But, LostMyDoggie.com's alert system resulted in around 100 legitimate sightings of my dog, allowing me to focus on locations to search, hang posters, and pass out flyers. On the day that my dog was found, it was a direct result of the efforts of LostMyDoggie.com. There was a sighting in an area where my dog had not previously travelled. I immediately hung a poster and someone saw both the poster and my dog, resulting in a very emotional reunion. When I notified the crew of LostMyDoggie.com of the reunion, they actually CRIED with joy. I cannot begin to express the concern, hard work, love, honesty, and sincerety of this crew. I am forever grateful to them. If anyone has any questions regarding my testimony, please feel free to call me at: (586) 344-9542. Warmest Regards, Aida

Lexi - Dog Lost and Found!

Dog Lost and Found Lexi Pet Owner: Victoria A. (NY)
Pet Name: Lexi
Date Lost: 01/05/2011
Date Found: 01/07/11

Lexi went missing early morning on 1/5 we searched all day for two days. Well the day Lexi was found was the day I signed up with this website. The company, shortly after signing up, was making phone calls across the neighborhood asking for information. We received a phone call late tonight (1-7) stating they had her not far from our house. Thank you so much for all your help.

It's easy to panic when your dog goes missing. But, know that the caring people at LostMyDoggie will do everything they can to assist you in your time of need. Let them take care of the alerts so you can concentrate on bringing your buddy home.

Missing Dog or Pet? LostMyDoggie.com will find your missing pet by quickly calling all your neighbors.


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