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Knowing the events surrounding her disappearance is helpful. Understanding lost dog behavior is also important.

What is the temperament of your dog?

  1. WalMart Greeter
    These dogs are friendly and wiggly. They will approach anyone who calls them. If you open your car door, they will jump right in. These dogs are usually found close to home or picked up by someone near where they were last seen.

  2. Hard to Get
    Wary of strangers, aloof dogs will avoid human contact. They will not accept human contact until either their fear issues have been resolved or they become hungry enough. Patience and food are the best way to catch these dogs.

  3. Trust No One
    Whether this comes from genetics or an experience in early life, these dogs have an intense fear of things foreign or strange. Their cowering behavior may lead people to assume they were abused. Other dogs or baited dog traps are commonly used to recover these dogs.

Dogs that fall into categories 2 or 3 my be considered abandoned and/or abused since their appearance will likely be thin. Certain behavior of lost dogs may be considered anti-social towards humans.

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Missing Pet Partnership's website (www.lostapet.org) lists lost pet recovery tips based on the analysis of lost pet behavior.

Kathy "Kat" Albrecht is a former police detective-turned-pet detective and author of The Lost Pet Chronicles: Adventures of A K-9 Cop Turned Pet Detective. Kat is the founder of Missing Pet Partnership and is the CEO of Pet Hunters International the first ever pet detective academy that trains and certifies technicians and search dogs to track lost pets.


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