7 Dog Beds Later… My Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed Review

The Search for a Proper Memory Foam Dog Bed

Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed

When Schatzi was a puppy, I figured I would spare no expense and got her a Woolrich dog bed. She seemed to like it, but after lying on it a few times, she decided it would be more fun to tear out the foam.

Then, I went with a series of discount dog beds. Usually whatever was on sale at CostCo or PetCo. But, after a few washes in the machine, they all fell apart. Yes, even those that had washable covers as the inner stuffing would inevitably become soiled. Those that didn't have removable covers met the garbage even sooner as they were much less likely to survive the washing machine.

The ones that made it through were systematically chewed up by Ryder, my Belgian Malinois. He was obviously not on the panel when they tested chew proof dog beds.

After Schatzi tore her ACL and developed sporadic incontinence, I decided it was time to find her a proper dog bed. One that was comfortable, waterproof, with a washable cover. And that Ryder wouldn't chew to pieces.

Did such a bed even exist?

Enter the Memory Foam Dog Bed (and cue the Hallelujah! chorus).

Best Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed... Ever

Memory Foam Dog Bed SchatziThis durable dog bed is excellent for medium to large breed dogs and is made of 4 inch thick memory foam. The high quality durable fabric and top rated memory foam ensures the best of comfort and orthopedic support. Depth and density is important as your dog will not reap the benefits of memory foam unless it is thick enough.

Lighter dogs (around 25 pounds) can benefit from 2 inches of memory foam. This is twice that, so your German Shepherd should be extremely comfortable.

Some memory foam beds use a foam base, so make sure the foam base is not counted in the depth.

Since a memory foam bed is an investment, it is important to make sure that there is a protective inner liner. This liner is especially effective for use as a senior dog bed or a dog with incontinence. This memory foam dog bed also comes with a washable zipped outer cover that is a must. A bonus light weight MicroSuede cover is useful for when the denim cover has to be washed. It also has a non-slip bottom.

Solid Foam vs Crumb

Solid memory foam provides more orthopedic support and comfort than a crumb type of memory foam. The crumb filling increases volume but not density and can help regulate temperature and eliminate uncomfortable hot spots. It can be an affordable option if your dog doesn't have any joint pain or skeletal issues, consider the Orthopedic Memory Mix Foam Waterproof Dog Bed.

One Cover is Not Enough

This memory foam dog bed has two layers of fabric covers. The outer denim cover is designed with an eyelid feature that is fortified with extra stitching to protect the zipper. It is made of a high quality, heavy duty 12 oz denim with 100% cotton made fabric.

Memory Foam Dog Bed Harley

Every other dog bed I've had with a zipper would be torn to shreds by Ryder. It was a game to him, similar to the goal of quickly removing the squeaker in his squeaky toys. This is the first dog bed that he has not chewed. Even his cousin, my sister's dog Harley, loves this bed. See how she ignores her own bed?

The long lasting durable cover can be machine washed on the heavy duty cycle and is dryer safe. Very easy to clean and maintain and remains hardy wash after wash. The raw denim fabric is sold alone anywhere else for between $19.99 to $34.99. Since it is 100% cotton, it is great for pets with allergies to synthetic fabrics, and I have not noticed any shrinkage.

Inside the denim cover is a waterproof Taffeta fabric cover. This is a smooth fabric with a hint of stiffness to it. From the Persian words for "twisted" and "woven," it is quiet, and does not have that "plastic" sound that many liners do.

Long Lasting Memory Foam Bed

Provides Maximum Comfort and Orthopedic Support

I have had these beds now for 4 years and they have maintained their shape. The high density memory foam provides years of comfort and support and will not flatten over time. Using this bed helps relieve pain caused by arthritis, joint and hip dysplasia and muscle stiffness.

Some memory foam beds may boast that they are high density, when in reality, only the first inch is and the rest are layers of lower density foam.

It's almost like a custom bed for your dog as it responds to their shape and weight, while virtually eliminating all pressure points. This means reduced pain, less discomfort and no more restless nights. The memory foam dog bed conforms perfectly to the shape of your dog which allows them to relax into their most natural sleeping position, and rest more comfortably.

Best Quality Memory Foam

While most other dog beds cut corners due to the higher costs, this memory foam dog bed contains solid foam like that what is used in therapeutic mattresses for humans sold in high end stores. Density is a measure of a memory foam bed's durability. This dog bed is 3.2 pounds density, while the foam density of Tempurpedic's mattresses designed for people is between 5-7 pounds.

More pressure relief = less tossing and turning

It is also temperature sensitive, supports up to 160 pounds and is resistant to bacteria, molds. mildews and dust mites.


The mattress is 4 inches of solid, high quality foam. The bed is 40 inches long and 35 inches wide (40" x 35" x 4"). It has a shipping weight of 15 pounds.

What Do My Dogs Think of It?

Ryder had a discount bed of his own, but soon realized that he liked Schatzi's memory foam dog bed much better.

When it's time for nite-nite, both dogs race for the bedroom door. Once it was opened, it was a mad scramble to see who would get the best dog bed.

But, Ryder was sneaky. If Schatzi got up to get a drink of water, he would commandeer her bed while she was gone. When she came back, she would lay down (with a heavy sigh) and plop down on Ryder's cheap dog bed.

And, if I left the bedroom door open during the day, Ryder would grab his cheap bed and systematically chew it to pieces. I think he was trying to tell me something?

Now that they each have one, it is still a race, but no one is left laying on the "sucky bed." And Ryder no longer tries to jump up on my bed to get a comfortable night's sleep.

Amazon Rating

Amazon customers have given this product a 4.7 star rating.

What's Included?

  • 1 denim blue external zippered cover
  • 1 free bonus MicroSuede external zippered cover with no-slip bottom
  • 1 waterproof internal Taffeta zippered cover
  • 1 four inch 100% solid memory foam insert pad

Where Can I Buy the Memory Foam Dog Bed?

You can buy this orthopedic memory foam dog bed on Amazon. From what I can tell when comparing prices with other online merchants, they currently have the best deal. You can save 50% to 70% off the retail price.

They also have a discount bundle package.

Buy 2 beds and on top of the free MicroSuede cover for each bed, you will also receive ONE replacement denim cover ($27 if purchased separately). This is one extra denim cover when you buy 2 beds. Click here to view on Amazon.

Extra Covers

You can also add on optional replacement covers in different colors. I really like this olive green colored cover.

And if you ever need to replace the internal cover (I haven't needed to), you can order that as well.

Backup MicroSuede covers are also available.

Where Can I Read More Reviews for the Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed?

The best place for reviews come from people who actually use the product. Amazon is an excellent resource. Click here to read more.