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GSD Fetches a Fish

Oz grabs a fish!

Want to know how your GSD puppy growth chart compares to others?

Read these real life German Shepherd growth chart submissions.

Continue reading "Want to know how your GSD puppy growth chart compares to others?"

German Shepherd Australian Cattle Dog Mix?

Her name is Sonja. She was first owned by a homeless man who, before going to the hospital sold to a woman. She knew the lady who runs the dog training

Continue reading "German Shepherd Australian Cattle Dog Mix?"

K9 Training with Fire Department

K9 Training with Fire Department.

Hero GSD leads Police to Fire

Hero GSD leads police to fire.

Leodora Grown with Love

Her name is Leodora. She came from a family breeder. SHe is a purebred Shepherd. She weighs 65 lbs and stands 26 inches (66 cm). When she arrived, she

Continue reading "Leodora Grown with Love"

Female Dog Incontinence - Canine Urinary Condition

Female Dog Incontinence. Can spay surgery can cause this bladder problem?

Continue reading "Female Dog Incontinence - Canine Urinary Condition"

Where are you hiding?

Great pics from Twitter: Where are you hiding?

Continue reading "Where are you hiding?"

Protective GSD Watches Over Infant Receiving Oxygen

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th, aka 'Scare the crap out of your dog day'

Continue reading "Happy 4th of July!"

German Shepherd/Shiatsu-Poodle Mix

Her name is Charlie. I got her from a friend of our family. Male/father: German Shepherd Female/mother: Shiatsu Poodle mix Her appetite is voracious.

Continue reading "German Shepherd/Shiatsu-Poodle Mix"

Wisconsin's War on Wolves

Wisconsin has just been added to my No-Visit list: http://t.co/y0Z0i2FzCY

German Shepherd Obedience Training

Free Dog Obedience Training Tips


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