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Human OTC Pain Meds

This evening, me and my 7 month GSD were playing fetch when she ran full force into the corner of our house block. She immediately went down crying. I

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A Sign for Help

We owned a beautiful border collie called Ella, she loved the snow and most things white. We found her when she was 5 months old on the street trapped

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My first dog I have owned, except for small family pets. My dad walked into a garden centre and he was tied to a post. The guy looked after him well

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Care Packages for Dogs Serving Overseas

What a great idea! Send a care package to a soldier dog.

K9 Corps - Life Saving Military K9

German Shepherds in the K9 Corps. Military Patrols that utilized these well trained dogs had a strong advantage over enemy forces without K-9 Corps dogs.

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Vietnam Vet reacts when his scout dog Krieger was honored after more than 45 years

Vietnam Vet reacts when his scout dog Krieger was honored after more than 45 years: http://www.norwichbulletin.com/article/20151111/NEWS/151119875

Posted by German Shepherd Lore on Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Giving this Beauty a Second Chance...

Her name is Riley Skye. We got her from the SPCA in Erie County, NY. They rescued her from a place that puts down older dogs that have not been adopted.

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Top 10 Dog Foods - Best Dog Foods Ranked

Top 10 dog foods. Top rated dog food and best dog food ratings are found here.

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German Shepherd Guide

Stay Up to Date with the Monthly German Shepherd Guide.

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Dog Lump. What Causes a Dog Skin Lump?

Dog Lump. It can be unsettling to find a lump on your dog's skin. Common types of dog lumps and what to do.

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German Shepherd Dog Food Calculator for Calorie Analysis

Dog Food Calculator to help you determine dog food calories in dog food.

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German Shepherd Facts - German Shepherd Dogs Information

German Shepherd Facts. Looking for German Shepherd Info? Here are some amazing German Shepherd fast facts.

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