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Chase's weight

His name is Chase. I got him in Tampa, Florida and he is a purebred GSD. His last vet visit was 7/24 and he weighed 17.6 pounds. When I got him, he weighed

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Thunder Shirt for Canine Anxiety

The Thunder Shirt is a natural solution to noise anxiety in dogs.

Continue reading "Thunder Shirt for Canine Anxiety"

Top 10 Dog Foods - Best Dog Foods Ranked

Top 10 dog foods. Top rated dog food and best dog food ratings are found here.

Continue reading "Top 10 Dog Foods - Best Dog Foods Ranked"

Zeus, our German Shepherd Puppy

Zeus came to us at just over 4 weeks old after we begged the breeder as we were in the process of moving. He fit into our family from day 1 and we had

Continue reading "Zeus, our German Shepherd Puppy"

Is Benson a pure GSD?

My dog's name is Benson and I got him from a breeder in Benson, NC at 3 months with no paperwork. The breeders claim that the father is AKC registered

Continue reading "Is Benson a pure GSD? "

Scout is German Shepherd and what else?

Scout is our wonky eared rescue German Shepherd pup mix. We got him from Bailey's Arms Rescue. He is part German Shepherd and part, we have no clue His

Continue reading "Scout is German Shepherd and what else?"

Is Jade a purebred GSD or mix?

Her name is Jade. She was given by my grandfather on his farm. I can't really tell what kind of mix she is. . I was told many times that she may be purebred.

Continue reading "Is Jade a purebred GSD or mix?"

My GSD Husky mix - Blondi

Name is Blondi. I got my dog from Regent Park. All I know about her background is that her parents are big dogs. Blondi is the only dog in the house,

Continue reading "My GSD Husky mix - Blondi"

My beautiful Kaja

Her name is Kaja. I adopted her after she was run over on the highway. Unfortunately, I do not know anything about her parents or background. She is

Continue reading "My beautiful Kaja"

Want to know how your GSD puppy growth chart compares to others?

Read these real life German Shepherd growth chart submissions.

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Heartwarming story of 2 protective German Shepherds owned by a retired deputy sheriff

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What kind of mix is my Lucy?

We call her Lucy. My students said she followed a girl from 7-11 in Waianae to Waianae High School, where she sought refuge from the rain in my classroom.

Continue reading "What kind of mix is my Lucy?"

German Shepherd Obedience Training

Free Dog Obedience Training Tips


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