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My Ginger

Her name is Ginger. She came from a local shelter. i don't know anything about her parents. I do know that she was returned 2x for playing too rough with

Continue reading "My Ginger"

Help me identify my gsd mix please

Her name is Mereda. Got her from friends who found her on the street. I am guessing either GSD-Lab or GSD-Beagle She seems to be very motivated by food

Continue reading "Help me identify my gsd mix please"

Sable is Small and has no Appetite

I got Sable two weeks ago, I was told she was 2 months old. She weighed 3.4 kg at the time and as of 5 days ago was 4.1 kg. I'm worried as she rarely

Continue reading "Sable is Small and has no Appetite"

My Permanent Foster

His name is Duke. He is a foster from Coastal German Shepherd Rescue of San Diego. He is only 1/4 Husky.

Continue reading "My Permanent Foster"

Sandy at 9 months

Her name is Peacan Sandy Kusine. She is a purebred GSD and she came from a Pennsylvania breeder. She weighs 60 plus pounds right now and is 25 to the

Continue reading "Sandy at 9 months"


His name is Brutus. We found him as a stray in our neighborhood. He was only 6 weeks old. His mom was a full blooded German Shepherd but we don't know

Continue reading "Brutus"

Arya, my GSD Boxer mix

Her name is Arya, She came from Mutt Savers. She is a GSD/Boxer mix. She has a good appetite and for exercise, she gets 2 daily walks. I will start

Continue reading "Arya, my GSD Boxer mix"

Whiskey's Slow Start

His name is Whiskey. We got him in Wewoka, Oklahoma. He is a purebred German Shepherd. He weighs 50 pounds and stands about 18-19 inches at the shoulders.

Continue reading "Whiskey's Slow Start"

Miss Toots

Her name is Toots. I got her in Israel. She is possibly a GS Husky mix. Her appetite is average! For exercise, she gets at least 1 hour a day walking

Continue reading "Miss Toots"

Poppy is 9 months and 33.2 kg

Her name is Poppy. Got her from a GSD breeder. Sh is a purebred German Shepherd. She weighs 33.2 KG. When I got her, he weighed 4 KG. Poppy eats Burns

Continue reading "Poppy is 9 months and 33.2 kg"

Pepper, the Best Dog Ever

My dog's name is Pepper. A family friend owned a female Shepherd/Husky mix,and he bred her with a full blooded Shepherd. I don't know much else about

Continue reading "Pepper, the Best Dog Ever"

Tango looks like a GSD / Doberman / Chihuahua ?

His name is Tango. Got him from a neighbor of my daughter's. I was told he's possibly a German Shepherd and Doberman or Chihuahua. His appetite is decent.

Continue reading "Tango looks like a GSD / Doberman / Chihuahua ?"

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