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Zeus, our German Shepherd Puppy 
Zeus came to us at just over 4 weeks old after we begged the breeder as we were in the process of moving. He fit into our family from day 1 and we …

Our new gsd puppy Axel. We have only had him for a week, but he has brought so much entertainment and joy to our family!!

Just got her 2 weeks ago from a local breeder. She's 4 months now...

Samurai 3 months 
His name is Samurai. I got him in central coast Australia. Currently, he weighs 18 kgs. He gets lots of play time with 2 kids and a walk everyday.

Hachi's Naughty Childhood 
My dog's name is Hachi. I got him in Faridkot, Punjab, India. He is a purebred German Shepherd. Right now, he weighs 10.7 kgs and weighed 3-4 kgs (approx) …

My German Shepherd Puppy Max  
Max is 4 3/4 months old and currently weighs 54 lbs and is 24 inches tall already. Max is currently gaining 10 lbs per month! He's a hearty eater, …

Caspy, My German Shepherd 
Caspy is very smart and clever. He is also my best friend. And he is very good with children.

Presley is absolutely adorable. He is a 5.5 month old playful wrecking ball of energy & he goes with me everywhere in my truck. When I leave the truck …

He is wolfgrayed color, 3 and half a months old, rescued from being a millitary dog, been with him over a month now. He likes playing, walking, sleeping …

I just adopted this beautiful girl she is one year old next week.

Val is a 9 week old female I received from my wife for Valentines day, thus the name "Val". Pretty much house broken in less than a week. So far one …

Storm is our newly adopted German Shepherd. Her mom was pregnant when her owners couldn't care for her after planning to make some extra money by breeding …

Juneau (June Bug) 
Juneau is just over four and a half months old. She is very playful, loving and full of mischief. She has fallen in love with two previously feral cats …

My puppy Shadow is German Shepherd/Lab mix. He is the sweetest most loving dog ever.

I have a 14 weeks female German Shepherd. I have grown up with GSD's my whole life. With my parents showing them I was surrounded by this beautiful …

Lynlee has become more than just a pet, but a part of our family. She is 5 months and is extremely smart! We absolutely love her to pieces and are so blessed …

Elli is today 3 months old. I brought her to my family when she was two months. She is the most adorable pet in my community also she is very active. I …

He is a cute bundle of pure white fluff,very playful at the mom, but learning commands quick, and he is only 8 weeks.

I was in college when my aunt gifted me this cute lil puppy boy! At that time, Lion King was running on the TV and I immediately named this pup "Simba". …

I have a little daughter that loves German Shepherd dogs. She always asked me to get her a GSD puppy. So I recently decided to buy a German Shepherd for …

Shino, our small bubbly German shepherd, has become an important part of our lives. My kid always wanted to have a puppy, but we weren't sure about it. …

I recently decided to get a German Shepherd for my little girl's fourth birthday. Growing up my family always had dogs,most of which were German Shepherds. …

His name is Leon, but we call him lazy Leon as he eats and sleeps all day. His favorite activity is eating and disturbing mom while she sweeps the floor. …

Here is a pic of my German Shepard puppy Duke. Duke is about 1 as far as we can tell. We got him from the local Humane society. My son absolutely …

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