by Dan
(Waco, TX)

5 weeks old

5 weeks old

Presley is absolutely adorable.

He is a 5.5 month old playful wrecking ball of energy & he goes with me everywhere in my truck. When I leave the truck he climbs in the front & perches himself on the center console & guards the truck without me ever having trained him to do so.

He loves people to death, but when I leave the truck he instinctively knows to guard it, and he has been doing so for about a month now...

He is so smart!

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Raw Diet
by: Dan

Hi guys, sorry it took so long to get back to you but I was out of the country for a couple of weeks.

I recommend that you start off slow with chicken breasts (easy to digest) & slowly (after 4 or 5 days) incorporate some bone (10%) and some organ (5%liver & 5% other organ).

*Hearts & gizzards don't count as organ meat, they count as muscle meat.

You want to feed between 2%-4% of projected adult weight based on size of parents etc. So if the parents weigh around 85 lbs each then feed her around 2.5 lbsand see how she does. If she starts losing or gaining weight too quickly then adjust the amount accordingly. You don't need to feed her anything else as long as she is a normal healthy dog.

I feed Presley a whole 3 lb chicken (2 lbs in the morning & 1lb at night)with the organs one day.

The next day I feed 2 lbs of beef in the morning & 1 lb of sardines (in water) at night.

*remember- you don't have to make every meal perfect, you just want the weekly AVERAGE to be 80% (muscle) 10% (bone) 10% (secreting organs).

Please go to Dogster and read the raw food forums, the folks on there are awesome & they will help you with any questions that you ask...

Good Luck!!!

Bindi our girl needs a good raw diet
by: Edna, Jim and Bindi

Hi Dan,

From Waco, TX with your beautiful boy.

I was hoping that you are still there and just maybe you could help me out with a good raw diet. You seem to have done a raw diet with your boy and it has worked great. Could you please share with me your recipe for what you put together to create this diet?

Your great help would be so appreciated. We love our girl and want the best we can do for her. She is 6 months old right from Germany.

Thank you Edna n Jim n Bindi.

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