by Sudarshan
(Chennai, India)

Simba on Wheels!

Simba on Wheels!

I was in college when my aunt gifted me this cute lil puppy boy! At that time, Lion King was running on the TV and I immediately named this pup "Simba". He was 7 days old when my aunt brought him to my house. He could barely run through the house. Watching him play and topple and run around was all that I did during my summer vacation.

His favorite toy is the yellow smiley sponge ball. He's bitten off so many off those balls and still wants more. He's my first pet and it has been wonderful to have him at home. Its been a few years now and this guy has grown up so well! He's still very energetic and loves to play. Simba now feels more responsible and maybe that is the reason why he doesn't let any stranger come anywhere close to my house. If they do, he barks the hell out of them. Simba, my loyal friend!

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