A Sign for Help

by Rosan Karooska
(Melbourne, Victoria, Australia )

We owned a beautiful border collie called Ella, she loved the snow and most things white. We found her when she was 5 months old on the street trapped under a broken car! We got her out but she seemed terribly hot.

We kept Ella as our own pet. We always wanted a pet dog or cat but we weren't able to afford one. Me and my husband were born in Russia and whenever it snowed, twice a year we flew to Russia, by then Ella was about three years old and we were able to afford to fly to Russia. Me and my husband always went skiing when we were there and we always bring Ella too.

One time when we were skiing, (Ella was there too) my husband went off ahead of me, trying to race me. I lost sight of him and got lost because I had know idea where I was, a storm was expected and of course we weren't planning on staying too long but since I was lost, I couldn't find my way back! It started snowing by now, I was cold and tired, and didn't know what to do. Anyway Ella suddenly started barking, she stayed by my side and I followed her to where she was leading me. Momentarily, she stopped and started digging at a lump of snow, she dug until she found my husband! We called the ambulance with his phone (I didn't have one) and soon enough it came. Ella my beautiful border collie saved my husband's life!

4 days later we returned back home in Australia. Unfortunately, we found out that Ella was terribly sick and had a disease caused by her night in the storm!

She died two days later in her crate. 😭

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