Dog Anxiety Natural Solutions

Canine Anxiety Treatment

Does your German Shepherd suffer from dog anxiety?

Canine anxiety can be triggered by many things. It is heartbreaking to watch your dog suffer. Like any responsible dog parent, your first thought may be to call the vet for an anti-anxiety prescription.

It is important to consult with your trusted vet, but please know that there are many natural solutions for anxiety in dogs. Before getting doggy prozac, see if your dog will respond to one of the following calming remedies.

Thunder Shirt

Thundershirt for Dog AnxietyI was initially skeptical over the ThunderShirt. Clothing for canine anxiety? How could this work? An employee at PetCo swore by it. It works by placing soothing pressure over your dog's central nervous system. Kind of like a consistent hug.

In fact, her dog runs for the dresser where she keeps his comforting shirt at the first hint of a thunderstorm. It worked wonders with Ryder, my storm stricken Belgian Malinois.

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Pet Calm for Dog AnxietyPet Calm by Native Remedies is a blend of herbal and homeopathic ingredients, specifically chosen for their soothing abilities. Homeopathy is holistic, meaning that it treats your dog as a whole.

Instead of isolating and treating a particular ailment, it gets to the root of the problem. You may not know what is causing the anxiety, and unlike drugs, its aim is not to cover up symptoms, but to heal the triggering cause.

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Rescue Remedy for Dogs

Rescue Remedy for DogsBach flower remedies aim to balance emotions. Flower remedies? I know, I thought the same thing. The British physician, Dr. Bach, who invented these remedies found that unbalanced emotions would resulted in physical sickness in the body.

He turned to nature and found a safe, natural method of healing that works to gently restore a proper balance between the mind and body. When the mind is balanced, the body can then balance and heal itself.

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