Dog DNA Test

Canine DNA Testing for GSD Mixes

Dog DNAA dog dna test can be very helpful in determining your dog's ancestry.

Especially now that the German Shepherd mix is the most popular "mutt" in the US.

What Kind of Dog is THAT?

A dog breed test can help you answer this question. There are several kits available that you can now perform from home. Without the expense of a visit to the vet. No blood test is needed - simply take a sample of your dog's cheek cells.

Remember high school science class? Yeah, just like that. Then, you simply mail it in and wait for the results.

BioPet DNA Breed Identification Kit

BioPet Dog DNA BreedID KitThis is the cheapest canine DNA testing kit on the market. It covers 62 breeds which covers 92.5% of America's mixed breed dog population.

Despite its low cost, this dog breed test comes with an easy to use DNA card which changes color so you know an adequate sample is collected. Also offers a quick turnaround of two weeks.

~BioPet DNA testing for dogs

Canine Heritage DNA Test

Dog DNA Testing Canine HeritageThis test recognizes over 100 breeds. DNA testing with Canine Heritage includes a personalized certificate of dog breed analysis with 3 breed categories.

Results can take up to 8 weeks. But, your dog's DNA sample is processed through the dna testing lab's equipment 10 separate times, to ensure accuracy.

~Canine Heritage dog DNA testing

Wisdom Panel Insights DNA Test

Dog Brred Test Wisdom PanelThe most comprehensive dog breed test identifies over 185 breeds. It creates a three generation family tree of your dog's ancestry.

Within a period of 3 weeks, you will receive a snapshot of each breed found in your dog's lineage, outlining appearance, behavior and common characteristics.

~Wisdom Panel Insights dog breed test

Popular GSD Mixes:

Do You Have a German Shepherd Mixed Breed Dog?

Tell us about your GSD mix. Any type of German Shepherd mix is welcome. We don't dogscriminate at German Shepherd Lore.

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