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Compare Pet Insurance

Trying to compare pet insurance? Looking for affordable pet insurance? Find out if you should consider getting a policy for your pet and your own peace of mind.

Pet Insurance Review

It can be difficult trying to find the best pet insurance. Learn from other ownsers by reading helpful pet insurance reviews. You can also share your own tips and experience.

Tips to Compare Pet Insurance

Look for a company that issues reimbursement based on the actual vet bill. Many pet insurance companies utilize outdated benefit schedules. Since they have not kept up with the cost of living, or reflect geographical differences, you may only get back a small fraction of your expense.

Be aware that routine care is not typically covered. But, this also serves the purpose of keeping your premiums low. Catastrophic, expensive and unexpected events are typically covered by pet insurance. Not routine checkups, examinations and vaccinations.

Why is Pet Insurance Important?

Well, if it doesn't cover routine health care, why do I need it? Good question.

Advanced and Emergency Veterinary Care Can be Expensive

If you've taken your pet to the vet recently, or have had to seek emergency care, you know that it can cost a small fortune. In years past, many pets with serious injuries or illness were commonly put down. Veterinarian care has advanced to the point where pets that were considered goners in the past can now be saved. A good number have regained good health and enjoy normal lives.

Available Veterinary Treatments are Increasing

The advancement of veterinary medicine is largely keeping pace with human medicine. Pet owners are more knowledgeable of available options and are demanding them as well. Today's veterinarian can offer a wider range of treatment plans than in the past. Reserved for humans in the past, veterinary medicine can now offer advanced cardiac surgery, MRI, CT and ultrasound imaging, and minimally invasive surgery.

Veterinary Care is Becoming More Expensive

While HMO and PPO networks attempt to keep the cost of human healthcare down, the veterinary industry does not face the same pressure. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the cost of veterinary care is growing between 6-7% per year. This is twice the cost of living.

While it may not seem like it, veterinarians are still less expensive than human doctors. Your own health insurance will normally cover a large part of the doctor bill, but at the vet's office, you are exposed to the entire cost.

Pets are Living Longer

Though it seems like the time flies by, pets today are living longer. Many fatal diseases such as dog distemper have been virtually eliminated through the use of vaccinations. Adding more year's to your best friend's life is a a welcome change, but you also need to plan for the conditions that old age presents.

Research and Compare Pet Insurance

Before you purchase a low cost pet insurance policy, make sure you are aware what is covered and what is not. Get several pet insurance quotes to make your dollars count. Find a policy that lets you sleep better at night, knowing that should an unfortunate accident or illness strike your best friend, it will not create a financial burden.

You can better help your pet when you are not stressing over the cost.

Compare Pet Insurance Reviews - Find the Best Rated Company

Pet insurance reviews can help you find out more about the best pet insurance companies. The companies reviewed below offer free pet insurance quotes to help you find quality and low cost pet insurance.

Embrace Pet Insurance

Well known for their customer service and reimbursements based on the actual bill, Embrace Pet Insurance does not restrict you to a veterinarian network. Coverage includes alternative treatments and allows you to customize your plan to fit the specific needs of your pet.

Pet Assure Pet Insurance

A discount pet care plan with no claim forms or deductibles, Pet Assure has virtually no exclusions of any kind. The only catch is that you must use a vet in their network. But their low premiums and acceptance of pre-existing conditions make Pet Assure a good choice.

PetCo Pet Insurance (Trupanion Pet Insurance)

Also known as Vetinsurance in Canada, coverage is offered in the US under the Trupanion name. Highly recommended by PetCo, Trupanion Pet Insurance reimburses you for 90 percent of the vet bill with a quick turnaround. You can use your own vet (including referrals and emergency care) and optional hip dysplasia coverage is available in young dogs.

Pets Best Pet Insurance

Founded by a veterinarian dedicated to ending "economic euthanasia," Pets Best Pet Insurance offers reimbursement for routine, emergency and covered specialist care. With customizable plans and an optional wellness plan, Pets Best allows you to use your own vet.

Quick Care Pet Insurance

Also known as PetCare, PetHealth, ShelterCare and Union Plus Pet Insurance, Quick Care has joined forces with PetCo offering coverage under the name PetCare Pals. Several plans are available, including one specifically designed for renters.

What is the Best Pet Insurance?

Have experience using a pet insurance company? Tell us about it by sharing your own compare pet insurance experience. Help your fellow pet parents by sharing the good, the bad and the ugly with a pet insurance review.