Benefits of Spay & Neuter

Don't Litter - Spay or Neuter Your Pets

Millions of adoptable dogs and cats are put to death every year because people don't spay or neuter them. There are just not enough homes.

One quarter of the dogs that end up in shelters are purebred. This is approximately 3 million unwanted purebreed dogs.

Do your part to help end this horrible practice.

According to Ann Landers, here are the top excuses people use:

The Ten Worst Excuses Not To Spay Or Neuter Your Pet

  1. Just one litter and we'll have her spayed.
    (Virtually the entire pet overpopulation problem stems from the "just one litter" mentality)

  2. My dog doesn't run loose, so he doesn't need to be fixed.
    (Not fixing him increases the likelihood that he will try to escape and find a mate)

  3. We always find homes for all the kittens.
    (And that means an equal number of kittens at the pound will have to be killed)

  4. I want the children to witness the miracle of birth.
    (Rent a video)

  5. My dog is so cute and unique, there should be more of her.
    (Shelters are full of cute and unique dogs, most with only a few more days to live)

  6. It's not natural.
    (There hasn't been anything "natural" about dogs since we began developing breeds thousands of years ago and having them live in our homes)

  7. I just couldn't look my dog in the eye if I had him castrated.
    (Dogs are not human and don't care if they are castrated. Don't make the mistake of applying human emotions to your pet)

  8. A female cat or dog should have one litter for health reasons.
    (Actually spaying or neutering early will prevent certain forms of cancer)

  9. Neutering my dog will make him fat and lazy.
    (Too much food and not enough exercise will make him fat and lazy)

  10. Fixing my pet will change his/her personality.
    (Your pet will be more content to stay home and be a part of your family and neutered males are less aggressive)

More Reasons to Spay or Neuter Your Pet

  • There are more dogs (mixed and purebred) than there are quality homes.
  • Spaying is much less expensive than caring for a pregnant dog and her litter.
  • Abandoned and stray animals are a health threat to humans and other animals.
  • Castrated dogs are less aggressive. Especially important for dogs that were bred with no regard for proper temperament.
  • Communities are routinely forced to spend millions of taxpayer dollars in an effort to combat the problem of animal surplus.

Not sure if you should have your GSD altered? Please consider the fact that many unwanted German Shepherds end up in pounds or shelters. Many German Shepherd Rescue groups offer these deserving dogs a second chance. The best way to support these efforts is to have your pet spayed or neutered.

Low Cost Spay and Neuter

Spay or Neuter

Many communities have low cost spay and neuter programs. Many humane societies also offer this service at a reduced rate. Research low cost spay and neuter organizations in your area.

The problem of pet overpopulation can be solved. But it's up to all of us to pitch in and stop the littering.