Ali's Tremendous Growth

by Tom
(Johnston, IA)

Well my beautful red sable GSD just turned 6 months November 19 and weighs around 43 lb.

I'm just wondering if I have to still feed her 3 times a day still so she can grow. Or switch to 2 times a day and will she grow at the same rate?

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Feeding your German Shepherd
by: Anonymous


My name is Carol and I have had numerous shepherds over the years and when they turn 6 months old you feed them twice daily. I feed once in the morning and nite also.

But I also leave his food down at all times and he will soon decide what time he wants to eat. He eats twice no matter how much food there is available. Good luck.

I am sure your Veterinarian will tell you to switch him over to twice daily at 6 months of age. From then on, I just make sure he has clean water every morning and nite as well as filling his dish daily.

He'll be happy and so will you.

Red Sable GSD
by: Michael

My experience has been to feed my pup three times a day, however, I noticed that the second meal he was not too interested. So I am back to 2 feeds a day.

Regulate how much he will eat. For example, feed 2 cups if he eats it all give him a bit more until he is satisfied. Discard unused portion.

Next time give him the total of the amount he ate last time. That should be his limit, increase periodically as you determine. Do give him a well balances first class diet.

Call customer service provided with your preferred diet and ask any concerns. My dog food provider recommended I feed my pup puppy food for at least 18 months. This will assure proper bone, joint and muscle growth. Provide plenty of water...

Good Luck.

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