Angelos Hard Growth

by Adriana
(El Paso, TX)

Angelo is my 4-5 month old German Shepherd. I got him when he was about 1-1/2 and he was very malnourished, very skinny, small and sick. His mom and dad were also very skinny.

He did get all of his shots. He was getting better until he got sick again and he got soooo skinny!! He was very, very sick!

Since then, he's been getting better, but he's still on the thin side. Even though he eats a lot, he doesn't gain weight. I've been giving him vitamins but there's been no change.

What can I do??

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What is height and weight now?
by: Anonymous

Just curious as we are in a similar situation with our GSD 4.5 mo old weighs only 29 lbs and is 18.5" tall

Cash is slow growing as well...
by: Anonymous

Has he been tested for hook worms?

We got our GSD when he was 4 months and he weighed barely 20 lbs. He had a terrible infestation of hook worms which I am sure both of his parents had as well... I believe he is a little on the thin side still at 11 months now, although I am reading about a lot of GSD owners feeling concerned their pups are small.

GSD's won't reach maturity until 18 months and later for males :) Good Luck

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