Any idea what Jax is mixed with?

by Stephanie
(Wichita, Kansas )

Jax, my German Shepherd Mix

Jax, my German Shepherd Mix

His name is Jax. I got him from a shelter.

We were told Australian Shepherd mix but recently was told German Shepherd mix.

His appetite is good... loves human food.

For exercise, we go to the dog park, jogging and random play outside with balls, stuffed toys, etc, swimming.

He is 10 months old now and weighs 65 pounds. He is very skittish. I live with my parents and since having him since Thanksgiving he still will not approach my parents or let them touch him after this long.

Very protective of my son who is 4 and myself. Does not bark when he hears someone come in - he sneaks to check out the noise then once spots them barks and growls but won't get close
enough to touch.

He is fantastic with my son and I, and acts like the biggest baby and loving and learns tricks very fast. He also has to be where ever I am at all times. Follows me from room to room. Always like to be able to see me and anyone else.

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