Arkay's growth thus far!

by Brittni
(Ontario, Canada)

Arkay, my German Shepherd

Arkay, my German Shepherd

My German Shepherd's name is Arkay.

I got him from a lady in the country side of Ontario, Canada. He is purebred, however, he is not registered.

He's currently six months and he weighs 80 LBS. I got him at 12 weeks and he weighed about 34 lbs.

I feed him Orijen Large Puppy food. He does really good on this food, and enjoys it more than the junk kibble Royal Canin.

His appetite is very good, I feed him twice a day and he's always satisfied.

He works on the treadmill, we play ball in the yard, go on walks, do hardcore training sessions with obstacles.

He's still growing and making lots of progress. He's currently training to be a service dog. I'm hoping to train him solidly so he can be a good mentor for other dogs I plan on training for service work.

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