by Maggie Starley
(Stow, Ohio)

Baylor - a Golden Retriever

Baylor - a Golden Retriever

Baylor was an 11 year old pure bred golden retriever. He was beautiful. Never complained and was a very social dog. He befriended the neighborhood and had to make sure he was always in the mist of the kids playing.

He had a zest for life and bounced up and down on all fours like a bunny. His favorite trick was to see how fast he could get the lid off a plastic bottle...and he was fast. He loved to carry things in his mouth, anything. On occasion he would eat those things too. Most of the time it passed, however, twice he had surgery for eating a dish towel and a sock.

I think of all the fun memories he gave our family and thank my Father in Heaven for letting him be a part of our lives. He will never be forgotten.

Lord Winston Baylor
March 3, 1999 - April 13, 2010

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