BB Brothers (GSD's)

by JP



I've got two 78-82 lbs shadows 24/7 whenever I'm not at work. Privacy? What privacy? But I wouldn't change anything about them for the world!

Bandit and Brody.

Bandit came from a previous owner who had him for only several weeks (I guess they forgot puppies grow). And Brody was rescued from a Puppy Mill in Phoenix City, Al. Bandit came to me with a short history of abuse (we found in the x-ray bird shot gun pellet marks all over him...) and Brody came from a breeder who simply just wanted to make money off of them.

But both are well over a year old, they are the happiest dogs (I hope). They spend most of the time, walking/running next to the bike, swimming at Destin's beaches, and staying up late with me and my boyfriend watching movies... (they even have their own couch for dog bed) - I just wanted to let people know that I think we can all learn one or more things from our man's best friend... (in this case Girl's best friends).

They have taught me to be patient, more understanding, and that their unconditional love is greater than the love of any human being who claims to love you more...

Here's why: you stick your significant other in the trunk of your car with your dog and drive about 25 miles. When you stop to open that trunk, who do you think will be happy to see you and forget the whole thing had ever happened??

Thought so.

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