Bentley's Growth

My German Shepherd Bentley

My German Shepherd Bentley

His name is Bentley. I got him in Scotland. He is a purebred German Shepherd, however, he's not KC registered.

He is 14 weeks and weighs 16.8kg which is 37 lbs. I am unsure how tall he is, but would put him between 46-48 cm. Possibly same height as the 32 inch TV. LOLl

When we first got him at 8 weeks he was approx 8 kg. At 10 weeks he was 10 kg.

He eats Chudley's Junior. His appetite is really greedy.

Bentley gets 2 walks a day of at least half hour for each walk.

He is the best dog ever! Love him to pieces and he's really cheeky... lol

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