Big GSD puppies, Brix and Kilo

Their names are Brix and Kilo.

Got them in Billings, Montana - AKC Breeder. Yes, they are purebred.

They weigh 38 and 38.5 lbs at 14 weeks and stand 16 and 17 Inches at shoulder.

They weighed 12 and 13 lbs at 7 weeks and stood approximately 10 inches at the shoulder.

They eat Purina 1 mixed with eggs, chicken and rice, and
peanut butter in a kong for a snack at the end of the day. Their appetite is very good.

They get lots of exercise:
A 1 mile walk in the morning together and a 1.5 mile walk at night individually
15 minutes each of individual play time with myself
20 minutes each of individual training
10 minutes of training together

These puppies, like all GSDs, are extremely intelligent. At 14 weeks, they know numerous commands such as; Sit, come, stay, lay down, shake, high five, jump, speak, play dead, bed time and leave it.

We are currently working on bring it and spin. I recommend GSDs to anyone that loves dogs, has time to devote to them, good patience, and an active life style.

Cant wait until the lake it ready!!

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