Bolo and Loen

by Dell
(Lynchburg, VA)

I got both of these GSD pups from the same breeder, but different lines. Bolo was the runt of an average sized line. At 10 months, he weighs 62 lbs. A bit lanky but very fast and healthy.

Then, we got Loen (lion) at age 8 weeks and he is huge!!! At 6 months, he is 75 lbs, lanky and not at all fat according to the vet. He is of Czech origins. According to my vet "I haven't seen one of these in a long time, feed him." Both eat Purina one large breed puppy supplemented with brown rice and venison. I also cook carrots, apples and green beans with this.

They also occasionally get a small amount of pumpkin and yogurt as treats.

My boys are spoiled ROTTEN!!! Love everyone and pretty much take up all of the room on the sofa.

Will keep everyone informed.

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