Bridgette's slow weight gain

Bridgette was adopted at the humane society at 10 months. She was only at the shelter 3 days. I saw her when the lady turned her in. I went in an adopted her right away.

She weighed 75 lbs then and has not put any more weight on. She is 30 inches tall, very narrow in the chest, and very boney.

She is now almost 21 months old and still weighs the same. I cannot put weight on her. I feed her "Taste of the Wild" dog food. Should I switch dog food? Should I add something to the food to help her fill out? Any suggestions?

We have been working with her to become a therapy dog. She has made great strides in her self assurance, and getting along with other dogs. She is going to make a great therapy dog.

If anyone has any ideas about helping her gain weight and fill out like a German Shepherd should, please email me at carolynbrooks2010atcomcastdotnet

Thank you.

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