Capital, my German Shepherd/Rough-Coated Collie

by Heather

My dog's name was Capital.

We picked him up at Capital Hill, hence his name, but he was from Pennsylvania.

He was the offspring of a purebred German Shepherd and a purebred Collie. That's that happens when you breed Shepherds and have an intact pet Collie. :)

Cap was a slow eater, he picked at his food all day long and was definitely Not treat-oriented. I think the only reason he ate at all was because he needed the energy to run.

He exercised constantly. Cap had a herding instinct stronger than his will to eat. He would herd the squirrels in our backyard, and protect them from crows (he actually caught a crow once). He never stopped running.

A few years ago Cap died due to complications related to epileptic seizures. Just because your dog is a mixed breed doesn't necessarily mean he's free from health issues. While he was with us, he really was a mix of the best of both breeds.

Capital was protective, but not aggressive. He considered it his job to get between the kids and any perceived threats. He caught (and unfortunately gifted us with) rodents, except for squirrels.
His herding instinct was spot on, and he was friendly toward family and aloof toward strangers.

This cross has a ridiculously high energy level, and walking just couldn't cut it for exercise, he needed to run. He was also very smart, but stubborn, so he was difficult to train.

He would pick up tricks and concepts easily, but he only listened when there was something in it for him. He was Not small-pet friendly, and it's a miracle our cats survived him.

He could be walked if everyone in the group stayed together, but if we split up he tried to herd us together again.

Capital looked like a small (around 50 lbs) German Shepherd with the rough-coated Collie coat, brown socks, and white eyebrows.

I would recommend this cross for persons with a very large property and experience with stubborn breeds, who are able to give their dog a job.

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