Cheyenne, Beautiful Body

by Caroline Mast
(Matoaca, Virginia)

GSD Cheyenne at 4 months old

GSD Cheyenne at 4 months old

I purchased Cheyenne from a very reputable breeder here in Cumberland, Virginia. They breed dogs for military and police work.

Cheyenne has always been at least a month's weight ahead of the chart.

She is now 5 months old and 62 lbs. Lean and beautiful. She has so much high energy and is very active. Her appetite is large. She is so smart.

Housebroke immediately. Learned verbal commands at 3 months. I think I have a very special pup here. We love her so much.

She is a real love.

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by: mp

Yes, I too would like to know the name of the breeder, or the kennel name.

by: Denise

Could you please share you breeder information? I have been looking for a sound sheperd since mine passed. He was awesome!

Love her.

Cheyenne at 1 year old
by: Anonymous

Cheyenne is not 1 year old... weighs in at 100 lbs. Extremely strong. She is from working and guard dog stock.

Beautiful and loving... Very intelligent and obedient.. easy to train... a real GEM... we love her so much.

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