Denver - European Working Breed, Parents Imported

German Shepherd Denver at 10.5 months

German Shepherd Denver at 10.5 months

Denver is currently 11 months old at 105 lbs. Length: 42 inches from nose to base of tail. Both parents are German imports, traditional working dogs from Germany. Straight-backed and large-boned in sable (agouti/wolf-gray).

His father was 120+ lbs at 2+ years when we first met. His mother is a medium size. Both wonderful work/farm dogs I met. The litters from this breeder often work as police dogs.

Working breeds and straight-backed (not slanted, showline) GSDs tend to be heavier set and larger boned. I specifically looked for a straight-back lineage.

Picture: At 10.5 mths, two weeks ago, while hiking.

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