Diamond is Narrow

by Lo
(Marrero, LA)

She is 21 months old and only weighs 49 pounds. She's a picky eater. U don't know how to fatten her up. Please help! The food was switched to Pedigree.

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Dogs not meant to eat soy, corn or wheat
by: Anonymous

I agree with the above that the dried dog foods are horrible. Most are made from brewery waste and if they did not coat the stuff with flavouring, the dogs simply wouldn't eat it; most are full of nothing but fillers.

There are some good ones, however, the grain free Wellness, and Solid Gold are very good brands. I get a real meat butcher roll (from the butcher) and feed either brown rice or oatmeal (cooked - dogs, if they were in nature would only be eating PRE-digested grains, those that would be in the belly of a rabbit) - and then either raw milk or colostrum.

My girl is now 9 months old, with good bones, and stonger than you can imagine. This is what I feed all my dogs. And I have had some live to be over 17 years old. Stay away from Eukanuba, Science Diet, etc. READ your ingredients, and if you see "cereals" on the list - grab another one. The "cereals" will be the main problem with allergies and itching. Diet, being the RIGHT diet will get rid of 80% of all health problems - just like with us humans.

Picky eater tricks
by: Anonymous

I had the same problem with my GSD. We had to boil chicken and use the broth to mix in with her dry dog food (Taste of The Wild or Wellness) to soften it up and give it a stronger smell.

We also added in the shredded chicken and cottage cheese to the mix and warmed it up a bit. After she ate half of the food we had to switch to a different bowl to entice her to finish the rest.

She started this picky eating at 10 weeks old. She is now 16 weeks and is gaining weight and doing much better.

Make dog food more appetizing
by: Anonymous

Feed a premium dry puppy food for large breeds. Just sprinkle a little shredded cheese or parmesan on the food and they'll gobble it up.

Dog Food
by: Anonymous

Why is Pedigree a bad dog food? I have given Pedigree to my American Staffordshire for the last 10 years and he has been totally healthy without problems. Please advise.


German Shepherd Food
by: Anonymous

We feed Wellness large breed puppy. A lot less waste and everyone says they look beautiful and their weight is spot on. We fed EVO at first but the protein was too high and upset the 1 yr old's stomach.

Weight Gaining
by: Mark

I have a 5 month old male who weighs about 55 lbs. He was on the skinny side up until 3 months, then hit a big growth spurt. We started feeding him 1 cup 3 times daily, but he was too thin. We increased his food intake to 2 cups every meal 3 times daily and he grew significantly.

We feed him Eukanuba puppy food mixed with a purina food. I would suggest buying a higher quality food like royal canin or Eukanuba as your dog will retain more nutrients with the higher quality stuff.

It is important to feed them on a schedule every day and only give them around 5-10 minutes to eat or until they finish. If any food is left behind pick up the bowl. This will teach her she has to eat when the food is there or go hungry until the next feeding... thus increasing her appetite. Works like a charm.

Tons of exercise and taking your dog outside to play will also increase their appetite. Females that age should probably be around 60-68lbs.

Let me know if this helps!

by: Anonymous

To begin with, Pedigree is one of the worst pet foods on the market.

Try a premium food like Wellness, Blue Buffalo, Canidae, or Diamond makes some pretty good foods.

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