Dress up Time

by Leanne and Jasmine
(Adelaide, South Aust)

My husband and I couldn't have another baby so we decided to buy a German Shepherd for Jasmine, our daughter. They grew up together and our dog Saber was so trusting, we could leave them to play together outside. One day, we noticed our daughter and Saber were missing. We were so scared! We called them several times.

Down the back yard was another dog, a white one. Then we saw our daughter Jasmine. "Where's Sabre?!" I screamed. "Here," she said, pointing to the white dog standing next to her. She had covered our 3 year old Saber with talc powder, painted his toes with red nail polish and placed colour elastic rubber bands around his ears. He looked so beautiful.

Jasmine and Saber grew up together, taking turns sleeping in each others' beds. I would often find her asleep in the kennel. Sadly, Saber got very sick when he was 10 years old. He had a heart attack and died at home on Jasmine's year 7 formal. We got the mobile vet to pick him up and had Saber cremated and his ashes brought home.

I dropped the urn on the table. It smashed into lots of bits, but I managed to save his ashes. We bought a special wooden case to put his ashes in so Jasmine can open this case any time when she is feeling sad - with an urn, she couldn't.

We have since gotten two more dogs. Yes, German Shepherds.

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