Eva's terrible time

by Luke
(Tanilba bay NSW Australia)

Eva was growing normally 12 weeks 12 kilos, 14 14, and so on. At 22 weeks and 24 kilos we took her in for desexing. The following 3 days she dropped 4 kilos and could barely lift her head. She went straight back to the vet who told me she was in the final stages of kidney failure. Many thousands of dollars and months later she finally started growing again.

During her hard times she was eating only fresh meat and medication. Her weekly food and medication bill was $150 per week.

She is now 13 months old and back on track, 63 cm tall (at withers) and 32 kg. Its just a pity I haven't been home the last four months to see her post recovery growth.

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Eva is now nearly 3
by: Luke

Eva is now nearly 3 years old and has finally stopped growing. She weighs 35 kg (77 lbs) and is 65 cm tall.

She now has a brother (it's her cousin actually). He's nearly 2 and weighs in at an amazing 50 kg (110 lbs).

They're both beautiful dogs and we're so lucky to have these great companions in our life.

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