Eyo's slow start

by Pius M.
(Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania)

Taking Eyo home the first day 18/12/10

Taking Eyo home the first day 18/12/10

Eyo was born on 21/10/2010. I got her to the family a week before xmas, when she was about 8 weeks. She got her name from my 16 month old son, he saw her and pointed at her bubbling Eyo! :D

I first got her checked at 11 weeks, she only weighed 4.5 kg. I have checked her at 24 weeks, she is 20 kg standing at 53 cm and 62 cm long. She is so fit and active, no fat whatsoever. She is on a raw meat mixed with dry food diet.

She is adorable and keeps the whole family happy, mostly, a playmate of my little son. I hope she grows to be huge and protective of the family and property.

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