Finn's Adventure

by Jessica
(Perth, Western Australia)

My German Shepherd Finn

My German Shepherd Finn

His name is Finn.

I got him from Aachen Kennels, in Southern River, Westerm Australia. He is a purebred GSD.

As of this morning, 23.9.2013, he weighs 9 kg. and stands 37 cm at the shoulders. When I got him, he weighed almost 7 kg and was around 32 cm at the shoulders.

He eats Royal Canin Maxi Junior + a gold ball sized Beef Mince + a teaspoon of Cottage Cheese + a teaspoon of occassional Cat Food (Dine).

He loves his breakfast but doesn't mind his dinner. He's not food driven but always finishes his food and licks every last bit!

Finn runs free in our backyard as soon as he wakes up from sleep, he fetches and generally runs around in the house.

Finn is a lovely 10 week old puppy (he will be 10 weeks old tomorrow, the 24th September) and he loves to sleep hard and play hard.

He's already toilet trained and would wait at the door to be let out every single time. He's in his play biting mode at the moment and we are focusing on that training most of the time and will hopefully pass soon.

He loves people though and will always be up for a cuddle :)

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