Floyd was 6.4 kg at 9 weeks old

by Amanda Hunter
(Edinburgh, UK)

Floyd and my daughter's chihuahua Mylo

Floyd and my daughter's chihuahua Mylo

His name is Floyd.

We bought from a lady who had no experience with GSD's Floyd is KC registered.

He currently weighs 30.3 kgs and stands 24.1/2 at withers. When we got him, he weighed 6.4 kgs. Don't know how tall he was, but a little smaller than a normal size pup.

He has James WellBeloved and is RAW FED.

His appetite is good. FOr exercise, he gets 2-10 minute walks a day plus plays in back garden a lot.

He is 5 1/2 mths old. Born on the 29th of Sep 2014. Still has baby teeth hence his ears go up and down, vet said not to worry as it can take upto 7months.

He is very easy to train. Loves everyone and anything. So so affectionate and amazing temperament, but frightened of the dark. I have to go out in the garden at night time just so he will do the toilet.

Loves watching TV especially football.

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